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across the 11 states have been killed. nearly five million people, plus steve and brian, are without power. and flyers finally get up in the air and to their destinations this morning. even though the major airports have reopened, travelers experienced 1600 flight cancellations yesterday. airlines warning it could take several days before the one million stranded passengers by irene get to where they need to go. dominique strauss-khan applauded as he returns to the headquarters of the international monetary fund in washington. he went back to his old office with his wife five days after he was cleared of sexual assault charges. strauss-khan apologized to the entire imf staff. not sure for what. he's expected to move back to france later this week. a great american story. a little league team gets a welcome home that they will never forget. >> the 2011 little league champions! >> family, friends and fans in huntington beach, california, went wild for the boys' big win. they defeated japan 2-1 in the little league world series and the city plans to honor them next weekend with an off
chance, perhaps? the white house will answer that question. and more. "fox and friends" starts, steve, do you have the time? >> it starts right now! >> who needs the stinking digital clock? i got a wrist watch right here. it's time to start! >> get your sundial out. >> i feel like -- exactly like the pilgrims when they came over in the nina, pinta and the santa maria because we don't have electricity. back to the old days. i'm making my own butter. >> you're still without electricity. >> this morning, i did this. i traveled with this little thing all the time. shaving. >> i go to bed with a minors cap and i hit a button and i just start shaving. >> you guys around alone. there are millions of people without electricity. >> we feel for you, folks, although you're not watching us right now unless you're lucky enough to have a general rarlt. >> if nothing matches, don't blame us. we're getting dressed literally in the dark. >> let me take a look. >> that shirt is lavender. >> not many people have color tv. >> meanwhile, we'll give you the follow-up on irene. we want to get right to your
of the american bar association, where it first met steve. this is a series of programs underwritten by the charles gesky family, which examines the constitution in the 21st century. this examines the balance between safety, security, and public order, and the protection of civil liberties and the integrity of the constitution on the other. tonight program will focus on threats to our american justice system caused by under-funding and indecisiveness. i would like to mention that the question answer portion of the program will be moderated by a professor geoffrey hazard, a distinguished professor of law at uc hastings. the professor is a leading expert in the field of civil procedure of legal ethics and is good at asking questions. it is my pleasure to introduce our very special guest, stephen zack, president of the american bar association. with nearly 400,000 members, it is the largest volunteer professional membership organization in the world. mr. zack is the first hispanic american to serve as the president and the second to be born abroad. he was only 14 when his family emigrat
. >>> and the members of the super committee are meeting for the first time behind closed door. >>> and plus, steve jobs' biological father says he regrets giving up his son for adoption more than 50 years ago, but he says he will not contact him and we will tell you why. >> when you invite people to a party on facebook, what happens? well, several people were arrested at this out of control college party. charge of my financial future. [ bell dinging ] two of the most important are energy security and economic growth. north america actually has one of the largest oil reserves in the world. a large part of that is oil sands. this resource has the ability to create hundreds of thousands of jobs. at our kearl project in canada, we'll be able to produce these oil sands with the same emissions as many other oils and that's a huge breakthrough. that's good for our country's energy security and our economy. purina cat chow helps you well-being. we're all our costriving for it.ecurity nurture it in your cat with a full family of excellent nutrition and helpful resources. purina cat chow. share a better life. t
's steve. reporter: all right, pam and dave, thank you very much. a bigger fog bank today, also a stronger sea breeze. that equals cooler inland temps, maybe a good five to 10 degrees by the coast, really not much change. fog and some sun. but there's a lot of gray out there, 50s, 60s, 70s coast and bay and low- to mid-80s inland. here's sal. reporter: steve, right now traffic on interstate 880 is moving along very nicely. there are no major problems as you drive up to the coliseum, northbound 880 traffic looks pretty good. also the morning commute looks pretty good on westbound 880 heading out to the macarthur maze. now let's go back to the desk. >>> the investigation continues into an overnight police shooting in cupertino. it happened on stevens creek boulevard. ktvu's kraig debro joins us now from cupertino, tells us a long stretch of that busy buford boulevard is still closed this morning, right, kraig? reporter: right, pam. this is an unusually large crime scene. we're at sterns and stevens creek. the crime scene actually stretches all the way through finch. so if you're commuting
'm pam cook. >> good morning, i'm dave clark. let's check weather and traffic. you know, the great steve paulson is back. >> thank you, pam and dave. we do have a cooler pattern for you today. in fact, the fog is really going up and down the coast, making a pretty strong surge inland. that means temperatures, they start to move down. really haven't changed too much coast and bay. but they'll be stuck in the 50s, 60s there. 70s as you move inland and then upper 70s or very low 80s for locations that should be warmer than this. here's sal. reporter: steve, right now traffic is moving along very nicely on interstate 680 heading south. no major problems on the way to the south bay from the east bay. also this morning we're looking at the san mateo bridge, a lot of people crossing, although it is not at critical mass yet. traffic looks good over to 101. 5:00, let's go back to the desk. >>> we begin this morning with a developing story in san francisco. a man has been shot outside a restaurant and bar in the city's mission district. ktvu's taramoriarty is live at the scene with what she has h
. just want to thank parks and rec and especially steve and vicky for the amazing summer my son had. jonah is 10 years old. he's severely autistic. he's not verbal. every year we get the park and rec wonderful offerings. my daughter talks about what she's going to sign up for. it's it's what can we do for jonah? jonah goes to camp mom as steve alluded to and it's just not the same as being out with other kids his own age. it's so good for the kids. it's so good for the families. it's so good for the siblings to see their siblings can go out. jonah has not been away from me. steve's son, my son, they're quite affected. they are not going to go into new spaces, overwhelming spaces without a structure and support and every day jonah happily got out of the car, ran to his wonderful aide, chris, and came home filthy. came home with dirt from climbing up the canyon and with the rope swings. and just happy, happy child. like every parent dreams of having is a happy child who goes to camp and enjoys his summer rather than enjoying the summer of no structure. i can't tell you what this has m
day? we take an early look at the markets as we get up in your business this morning. steve sedgwick is live in london this morning. inside the most recent fed meeting what can we expect from this meeting? >> the u.s. futures for the dow which had a great rally over the last five or six sessions is taking it further away from what is near flat line performance for the year as of yesterday's close. we want to know just what the fomc is thinking, is there more quantitative easing during qe3 and how bad did they assess the state of the economy. the consumer confidence comes out hot on the heels of the best consumer spending figures we saw yesterday for around five months but it was across the board a really good rally yesterday the dow rallying over 200 points, not only on that consumer spending figure but also on the fact that hurricane irene was less damaging to a lot of metropolitan areas than many had feared and as such the insurers of travelers and the rest of the financial sector also had a very good run but a lot of expectation about the fomc and the confidence figure. >> steve t
few minutes. at 4:39, let's go to steve >> hi, sal, thank you very much. bigger fog bank out there. as a matter of fact, it's really starting to thicken up here, so we have low clouds and also fog and there's plenty to be enhanced because the system, what's new, drops down in and that just tends to give us more in the way of fog and more of an onshore breeze. so thick fog, then sun, cool by the coast. there's a lot of fog out there, so only a few select areas will see clearing. fog, then sunny and breezy for the bay inland. cooler and breezy today, temperatures really 70s and 80s. a system right up there, i know it doesn't look like much, but that's all it takes end of august to get things going along. 50 chilly degrees up in santa rosa, definitely a bite to the morning air. a lot of 50s here, mid-50s, a few upper 50s, livermore at 55. you combine that with a southwest or a west/southwest, everything is coming from the ocean right through the golden gate all the way out to the delta, so it's in place. that sea breeze will kick in and courtesy of that system digging into the pacific
to steve. >>> a lot of fog in those traffic shots. it looks like the fog means cooler conditions. not really the coast. low clouds and fog making it a stronger surge today. the system another one moving into the north, helping to enhance that fog bank. we start off with a lot of gray over the bay and really cool reading, especially up to santa rosa. low clouds, mist. gray dies an 50s and 6 -- gray skies and 50s and 60s. 48, santa rosa to 59 hayward. 53 redwood city, 55 livermore and san jose. there is a better look at that system as that drops in. that just gives us a cooler pattern. and then a cooler, breezy day for those inland. temperatures anywhere from 50s to mid-80s with a lot of 60s and 70s in between. it does look like today and tomorrow we have the cool winning out. then a north wind might kick in which would help get rid of that fog and warm you up. saturday looks nice to warm but cooler on sunday. tori and dave. >>> 7:27. another quake jolts the bay area overnight and this one literally rattled some cages. >> reporter: we're live in san bruno where people react to the
caller, tucker carlson. democratic strategist, steve mcmahon. let's take a run down memory lane. if he's such a genius he would have not lost 2 1/2 million jobs, he would have cut the deficit in half like he promised. let's look at some of obama's gaffes that a lot of people didn't pay attention to. >> i've been in 57 states. on this memorial day, as our nation honors its broken line of fallen heroes, i see many in the audience here today. i don't know what the term is in treeian. wheeling and dealing. navy corpsman brushard. he responded to the men and women like corpsman brushard. >> sean: what is a navy corpsman? [ laughing ] >> i don't know sean. >> sean: he read it three times. he didn't know what a corpsman is. >> the conversation we should be having -- >> sean: listen, i want to have my conversation. i want to know what president obama doesn't know what a navy corpsman is, i want to know! that's my conversation. i ask the questions, you answer them. why did he said corpsman three times in one speech. >> sean, come on. >> sean: come on what? >> you are going to sit here and call
the washington, d.c. area. it is august 30th, 2011. glad you're with us. i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm sarah simmons. welcome to fox 5 morning news. before we check in on weather, there are still school closings to talk about this morning. >> we'll start in maryland. anne arundel, calvert and st. mary's county schools are closed today. d.c. schools are open today. however, students and staff from the school without walls should report to eastern high school. all of the closings at the top of your screen and on >> we want to welcome back tucker barnes to the mix here of a long weekend in ocean city. >> a little tired, all cleaned up and ready to go. >> what is going on out there? >> the forecast couldn't be better. we have a lot of sunshine expected for the next couple of days. high temperatures in the low to mid-80s. a few degrees below where we should be this time of year. >> even better. >> kind of like a little fall- like pattern. let's get started. we'll show you the satellite- radar. this is an easy forecast. we have a few clouds off to the east out to the beaches. the lower easter
to be the world's premier culinary college. steve ells, who founded the chain chipotle, graduated from the cia in 1990, and cat cora, known internationally as the only female iron chef on the food network's "iron chef america," also graduated from here in 1995. the grstone branch campus opened in st. helena in 1995 and has been continuously proding top-notch chefs. >> coming here to napa, california, there's fresh, almost any kind of ingredient, produce that you would want, fresh herbs. the herb garden here at cia is amazing. >> here students cultivate edible flowers, vegetables, and fresh herbs. >> it's learning how to plant, what to plant, when to plant it. i live about 1,000 miles up right now, so it's a little colder, and you have to realize, like, i can't plant tomatoes when they're planting tomatoes down here. it's just understanding the seasons and understanding when things want to grow and then they're gonna grow the best. >> students feel and i feel that by producing our own ingredients we can become better chefs. we'll get to learn a little bit about our food systems and how we inter
the last decade. abc's steve so sun sammy spoke to some of those struggling today. >> reporter: nancycynd randall watkins say they were just like most middle class couples, making sure everything was paid on time, until he got sick last year. and then she got sick. and they both lost their jobs. today, they can barely put food on the table. >> sometimes you don't want to get up. you just think today will be better. so i'm thinking, lord, let me feel better. >> reporter: they use all kinds of tricks to make their food last. they eat food that's gone bad. >> sometimes there's not a lot of milk, you know? you cocoromise. you can use water. >> reporter: they make too much from disability to get food stamps. but they don't make enough to they owe $25,000 to a hospital in kentucky. today's report say it's now americans in their 50s who are more likely to be hungry than people in their 60s and 70s. >> these are folks who have been suffering from the recession and the economic declines in this country. some of them have just recently lost jobs. >> reporter: nancy and randall say they have to keep
have been working on. -- steve fiftpanelly. >> cheap plumbing inspector. good morning, commissioners. one of the things we are working on that i told you about last month was the boiler permit to operate to be done on line. after all the testing -- we have testing done last month. we have three different contractors that came in to do a lot of the certifications throughout san francisco, and they did a dry run, and we put it into production for them to test it. since then we have added three or four more contractors to the databases to see if there were any more problems with the system. we have had positive feedback, and by the end of the month we will be able to launch and put it out to the public for use. that is where we're at at this point. >> item 6g, update on new hires. >> since the beginning of the year we have had 13 new hires, which are actually holdovers from last year that were in last year's budget, but they will be starting at the end of this month. there will be 13, six of which are clerks. some will be assigned to the fifth floor to take the place of the people bette
as we look over northwest washington. august 30th thanks for being with us i am steve. >>> i am alison. >>> tens of thousands in dc in the dark this morning. just over 19,000 customers without power dominion now with under 4,000 northern virginia the biggest outages bge over 51,000 customers in five local counties. >>> anne arundel, calvert, st. mary's schools closed montgomery county schools open. prince georges county schools are open. one change from last night three schools in prince georges county that had been closed will open this morning largo, central and suitland that is a change from last night. >> all dc schools open today however students and staffs from the school without walls should report to eastern high school. again see all the closings along the top of your screen and >>> let's check with tucker barnes to look at our forecast we can move on to nice weather. >>> should be beautiful expecting bright sunshine across the air woo temperatures low 80s and -- area and temperatures low 80s and fantastic weather. quiet
the theory that humans caused global warming. steve doocy, drop some science on them. >> while there's no dispute the fact t fact the earth is getting a little warmer, the big question is, is it man made or is it just one of those gigantic climactic phases that we're going through? for a while we're cold; then we get warmer. then we get colder and warmer. which one is it? >> stephen: yeah, make up your mind, scientists. do you believe in the conclusions you've reached from decades of peer-reviewed study or, you know, the wavy arm thing? (laughter) like this and then it goes like that and then it goes like that. (applause) makes no sense. come to think of it, this isn't the only thing spongebob pushes as fact. for instance, he lives in a pine a a l under the sea? he's a fry cook! (laughter) the most he can afford is a studio grape. (laughter) nation, these days, you know, we live a 24/7 connected society that's getting so busy it may soon upgrade to 25/8. which is great news, because we are the sum total of our experiences. and thanks to all this technology, we've having so many more
bom bomber. steve harrigan has the latest from tripoli just after midnight. good morning. >> several members of gaddafi's immediate family one daughter and two sons crossed over the boarder to algeria, according to algerian officials and it happened as both sides prefair for a major battle along the coast. >> what could be final battle with several thousand gaddafi loyalists is shaping up in the home city of sert. they are approaching from three directions. they are waiting for nato war plane to knock out any scud missile launchers in the ars nel. so far no, credible intelligence has been made public. rebels solidified control over tripoli. gun battles trick ailway. for now, the taps are dry. gasoline has driven to $20 a gallon. another problem is what to do about the lockerbie bomber abdelbaset al-megrahi. released on compassionate charges two years ago. he says he is dying of cancer, slipping in and out of a coma. extra division, the new got says is out of the question. >> is it a rule of law you can't take someone to court twice for the same crime. >> so far no, major report of r
. talk about it with the panel, steve hayes for "weekly standard," kristen powers and charles krauthammer. i'll start with you. what do you make of the white house issuing guidelines how you are supposed to carry out any 9/11 memorial? >> i'm surprised it's news. it has caused controversy with people falling in the category of the obama administration can't do anything right it seems. to some people. they had two set of guidelines they sent out. some overseas for diplomatic purposes and some for here in the united states they seemed perfectly appropriate to me. good they plan for the things. serious time in the nation's history. i am surprised at the criticism, frankly. >> shannon: some of the criticism is we're not supposed to cast ourselves as the ole victim of 9/11, talk about there are terror attacks all over the u.s. not just -- all over the world, not just u.s. but we are talking about what happened here, pentagon, new york, and pennsylvania. >> it turns out on 9/11 we were the only victims in keeping with the administration entire philosophy, the president's philosophy of seeing n
5. i'm sarah simmons. >> i'm steve chenevey. the latest on hurricane irene's impact the storm blamed for at least 40 deaths, three of those in vermont. up to 11 inches of rain fell in that state and it is now dealing with the worst flooding in nearly a century. million of people still without power. >> that includes tens of thousands right here in the dose area still waking up in the dark. here are the latest numbers for you. pepco is reporting just under 1,000 in the dark. dominion with around 4,000 in northern virginia. the biggest outages come from bge, over 159,000 customer in five local counties without power. >>> anne arundel, calvert and st. mary county schools are all closed today. better news in montgomery county where the power is back on and all schools will be open. most schools in prince george's county will be open but there are 18 schools that will be closed. a list of those scroll ago long the top of the screen. three schools that had been closed will be open today. largo high school, central high school and suitland high school. they did not think they could get thos
's on your cover. steve jobs, how he droef apple to victory, how he changed our world. i think 20, 30, 50 years from now, i think we see this man as our thomas edison. he is not only our thomas edison. he's been in a way been our thomas edison, he's been our beatles. he has changed the publishing industry. he's changed the record industry. he has changed the cell phone industry, the computing industry, he's changed movies, he's changed the way we lived. he's changed the way we get information. and the most remarkable thing about his story and few commercials -- i remember 20 years later, i remember actually, i was actually in the house gym. and i was walking exhausted at 6:30, i'd finished working out. i was going back to work. and a commercial came on. and it was a think different commercial. i froze in my tracks -- this was when microsoft was at the top of the world. i froze in my tracks, looked up at the tv set, and like the lemming i am -- i said to myself at that moment, i have to get an apple. i had never had an apple. i walked -- of course i didn't get it. but he came out with comp
steven -- introduce steven at this time. >> thank you. thank you, my name is steve and i'm a parent of a 10-year-old beautiful boy with autism. and i remember march of last year went by mclaren lodge and i saw you, phil, and i know you have told this story a couple of times how i brought my boy, a.j. there, and said, can you help us? my boy has autism. what can you offer him in the summertime as a camp experience? and that sort of began a long relationship and wonderful time working with you and lucas and a number of other people here that spent time and effort trying to find ways that we could involve both the community, the private sector, and so on, to get this a reality. because it is expensive. the stats are really daunting that you heard from vicky. one in 120. mostly boys. that means one in 40 boys in san francisco has autism. and that's -- if there was some kind ever external threat that was neurologically damaging our children everybody would be up in arms. because it's mysterious, we don't know where it comes from. it's partially genetic, partially environmental. the needs
expected. economist steve richiuitto believes the financial impact will be modest. >> the numbers that are being bandied about are basically anywhere from $10 billion to $40 billion. but if you look at it in terms of its effect on quarterly g.d.p., third quarter g.d.p., how much could you take off of that? well the answer, basically, is about 0.1%. that's nowhere near the $45 billion in private insurance damage from hurricane katrina in 2005, but many experts say it's too early to calculate the full impact of irene, especially with some towns still underwater. and then there's the yet-to-be- tallied impact to retailers. some chains, like home depot and lowes, benefited from storm preparations. others, however, suffered as irene forced many to shutter during a busy weekend. analyst r.j hottovy said late august can be important for many retailers. >> typically in a period like this, especially being back to school season, a lot of the purchases are simply going to get delayed into this week. the problem for retailers? this potentially could move inventories to a markdown situation.
disappeared. now josh's father, steve, has come forward, he is apparently a singer-songwriter as well, and he is claiming that he had a sexual relationship with his own daughter-in-law. and saying that at least one of the songs on his album about forbidden love was written for susan. >> but the fact that he has the judges now, they can confirm that she initiated the relationship that we had, that it was, you know, very sexually charged. megyn: what are we to make of this? joining me now, criminal defense attorney joey jackson and legal analyst mercedes cohen. we have to break this down because this case is getting more and more bizarre. basically, the husband is named a person of interest because his excuse was i wasn't anywhere around when she disappeared, i took my two kids out for a camping trip in the middle of a blizzard overnight, my two young toddlers. fine. joey, the father in law comes forward and what exactly is he claim something. >> it's kind of bizarre, the father in law for whatever reason -- meanwhile his daughter-in-law is missing and all eyes turned on to where she is after t
, of course, they should not have, in fact, george had communicated to conde rice and steve hadley three times before a september speech in cincinnati telling them do not use this niger information, we don't believe it, and then articulated the reasons they don't believe it. indeed, a couple of days after the president's state of the union address, mike morel, the presumptive director of the cia now told a staffer we're not going to use that because we don't believe it, so they had lots of time, and it was never an apology, i don't think, anybody needed out of an administration that wasn't prone to apologize in the first place, it was just an admission they were wrong, which hopefully at that time would have encouraged the journalistic press to look into other things they might have misled the american public about. >> i want to read another is is cheney after korice's apology. >> she came in my office, sat down in the chair next to my desk and tearfullytted that i had been right. in an interview, cheney defended his use of the word "tearfully." listen to this. >> was she crying? >> she was te
us live. steve. >> it is no exaggeration. parents in this area, many of them with very young children are extremely scared tonight. police have been here, but it's been three days and they have yet to find the man that they say broke into a nearby home, snatched a five-year-old girl from her bed while her mom and stepfather slept in the next bedroom and then they say that man assaulted a little girl. this is the first time since the abduction she has gone for a walk with her daughter. >> i would never imagine anything like this devastating that would happen. everybody is at edge. >> here's what police are telling us, early saturday morning between midnight and 4:00 a.m., someone broke into a home in the 7,000 block of brockton court, they say the suspect snatched a sleeping five-year-old girl from her bed and walked out the front door. >> this is a serious thing. this is very dangerous and very serious. >> police say her parents only learned of the attack when the little girl returned home. >> i just saw her an hour ago. she was walking with an officer. >> today, detect
republicans when it comes to his jobs plan, and plus surprising new comments from the father who gave steve jobs up for adoption. "newsnation" is next. we purchase as much as we can on the american express open gold card. so we can accumulate as many points as possible. i pass on these points to my employees to go on trips with their families. when my employees are happy, my customers are happy. vo: earn points for the things you're already buying. call 1-800-now-open to find out how the gold card can serve your business. it's high time to make our floor look better and feel softer. ♪ how 'bout we start with the guaranteed low price on the carpet... the pad, and installation. let's get peace of mind for a lifetime. it all adds up to the lowest total price on our carpet project. guaranteed. and a room that looks better than we ever imagined. more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. get 12 months special financing on carpet purchases when you use your home depot credit card. get 12 months special financing on carpet purchases at liberty mutual, we know how much you count
the week of august 22nd to 28th, compiled by pew research, gadhafi, 58%. barack obama, 39%. steve jobs, 19%. dominique strauss-khan still in the news, 15%. and rick perry, right there with 14%. >> where is beyonce? >> where is beyonce? and so -- and where's mitt romney? so, is this something at this stage of the campaign where you're saying rick perry is sucking all the oxygen? is that good or bad? >> the worst thing mitt romney can do is showing weakness by flailing around and changing what he's doing. he's showing nice subtle differences and planned for the debates. so far be the jobs maker. david is exactly right. be the jobs maker and explain to him that the people got us into this mess can't get us out. >> it shouldn't bother romney? >> he's raising a lot of money and rick perry will have to do it all over again in an environment where campaign contributions are restricted unlike texas. >> and it's a long haul. the thing won't be decided in the next couple of months. >> you bet. you'll be with us. >> i will be with you. >> and you'll be with us for the next block, so stay with us. bec
" starts, steve, do you have the time? >> it starts right now!
. kill joy. >> i don't think you do that in public. but i also learned most importantly steve jobs bio coming out by walter issac son. i can't wait. and stick around, because chuck todd straight ahead with the daily rundown. >>> the great debate. team bm grap he wills with what to sell and how to sell it new jobs plan. do they go big and pick a fight with house republicans or do they go more tactical and pass what they can? >>> the perry surge. is the the texas governor the flavor of the month or is he pierce through in a way that will make mitt romney change his battle plan. eight days up the big nbc politico debate. we'll break it down with one of the moderators. >>> and irene may have disappeared, but the death tolle continues to rise. areas of the catskills and new england devastated by georged rivers, widespread flooding, steps of up tos simps towns simt off. it's tuesday, august 30th, 2011. all that plus more from former vice president dick cheney speaking out again live this morning as he picked a fight with president bush. let's go right to my first read of the morning. we'll s
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